Memory Techniques and Tips
Life would be much easier if everyone had a photographic memory. One quick browse through your textbook and you are ready to score a hundred in your history coursework or in your exam. One quick glance of a location map, and you are ready to drive through town at ease. Although this is not the case for everyone, memory techniques are meant to assist one in increasing his memory capacity.
The first memory technique that helps is the connection technique. This is done by putting meaning to something by connecting a certain concept that you already know, to the subject you are trying to remember. If for example you were to remember an address 1120 Country drive, and it so happened that your mother’s birthday is November 20, then simply associate your mother’s birth date with the address you are to memorize. One good thing in using the connection technique is that you are able to use stored information in your brain. The next effective method is the repetition technique. Simply repeat over and over the words or numbers you are trying to memorize. In this way you are compelling your brain to remember by focusing your attention on your subject. The reason why most people forget something is that they do not exert effort to remember it in the first place.

  • Odili McNatt

    Odili McNatt


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