Client Start Year End Year
AdCouncil 2015 Current
AdventHealth 2016 Current
Amazon Studios 2021 Current
Atlanta NAACP 2020 Current
Baskin-Robbins 2010 Current
Carter's 2020 Current
CDC Foundation 2020 Current
Columbia Care 2019 Current
Empty Stocking Fund 2020 Current
LA Pride 2021 Current

We are an independent group of brand builders and cultural instigators in Atlanta and Tampa. The core of our culture and the reason why we get out of bed each morning is to Do Good Things.

We are 100% employee owned, so that means we have a large vested interest in building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships that grow both business & brand.

  • Erica Hoholick

    Erica Hoholick

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Matt O

    Matt O'Rourke

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Brandon Murphy

    Brandon Murphy

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Janis Middleton

    Janis Middleton

    Executive Director of Multicultural & Inclusion Strategy

  • Emilee Weaver

    Emilee Weaver

    Director of Finance

  • Scott  Sheinberg

    Scott Sheinberg

    Tampa General Manager

  • Krista Lang

    Krista Lang

    Executive Director of Media & Analytics

  • Melissa Wisehart

    Melissa Wisehart

    Director of Performance Media & Analytics

  • Zamile Vilakazi

    Zamile Vilakazi

    Head of Production

  • Chris Tuff

    Chris Tuff

    Director of Content Marketing & Partnerships

  • Mary Katherine Rordam

    Mary Katherine Rordam

    Director of Influencer Marketing

  • Anna Martin

    Anna Martin

    Communications Planning Director

  • Courtney Jones

    Courtney Jones

    Business Development & Communications Lead

  • Kelly Dennis

    Kelly Dennis

    Director of Project Management

  • Nicole Massaro

    Nicole Massaro

    Director of Innovation & Design

  • Jennifer Blum

    Jennifer Blum

    Creative Studio Director