Advance Foot & Ankle Solutions is the brainchild of Dr. Manoj Sadhnani, a multi-faceted podiatric physician and surgeon. With a cumulative experience of over 20 years, we serve in the Valley Stream, Brooklyn and Rosedale areas of New York, catering to the much common foot and ankle issues of all types.
The foot being the lowest body part is confronted with the most difficult of all physical body functions, i.e. to support the entire living body mass throughout our lifespan. To achieve this end the foot alone is provided with such a bony framework that should perfectly compensate for the needful. For smooth and normal performance the foot is amply supplied with ligaments and tendons as connective tissues that are tough, resistant and strong so as to fortify the entire foot structure. For the convenience of study and treatment the foot and the ankle are considered as separate entities.
At Advance Foot and Ankle Solutions our medical professionals, including Podiatric doctors, eczema specialists and arthroscopy doctors, treat the entire ambit of foot and ankle diseases, injuries and conditions through diverse modes and methods. Wherever possible, highly invasive surgical intervention is avoided for the good of the patient. Ranging from common skin and nail problems to sports injuries, traumatic conditions, reconstructive surgery, club foot treatment and diabetic foot treatment and care, our qualified specialists are actively busy in delivering the best possible podiatric treatment and healing services. On the other hand, we believe in imparting medical educational knowledge to the masses through our specially prepared programs and specialized clinics such as Arthroscopy Clinic in Queens NY, Club Foot Clinic in Long Island NY – all updated on regular basis.
Why Choose Advfas?
• Newest, cutting-edge procedures and technology
• Highly accredited chief podiatric surgeon
• State-of-the-art hygienic and spacious facility
• Most highly recommended podiatric healthcare providers in NY
• Qualified, licensed & experienced podiatrists faculty
• Dedicated Endoscopy Clinic in New York
• Heel Pain Treatment with professional care
Our Services:
With respect to sports injuries we deal in the following issues:
• Foot and Ankle Sprain
• Tendon Ruptures
• Ligament Reconstruction
• Fascial Tears
• Strains
• Club Foot
• Podiatric Treatment
The following are dealt with effectively and precisely:
• Fractures
• Skin and Nail Conditions
• Pain
• Foot Deformities
• Gait Abnormalities
The following treatment modes are available with us:
• Endoscopy
• Arthroscopy
• Orthotics
• Bracing
• Diabetic Limb Salvage
• Flat Foot Treatment
Our Unique Seller
Despite all complexities and intricacies associated with the podiatric structures our treatment strategies are efficaciously chalked out founded on personal, individual needs at the hands of an empathetic, passionate and dynamic team of seasoned specialists.

Our Contact Info
For on-call communication, dial:
Valley Stream: 5162566576
Brooklyn: 7188759251
Rosedale: 7183415313

Our Physical Locations:
408 Jay Street 5th floor Brooklyn NY (Thursday: 10-6:30)
235-20 147th ave Suite #7 Rosedale NY 11422 (Tuesday 12-7 / Saturday 10-2)
900 Franklin Ave. Valley Stream NY 11590 (Friday 8-4)

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