Client Start Year End Year
Coco Libre 2014 Current
Revolution Foods 2013 Current
Yogi Tea 2010 Current
Pharmavite/Nature Made 2011 Current
Procter & Gamble 1998 Current
Kashi/Kellogg 2002 Current

Amazon Advertising is a San Francisco agency focused on accelerating the growth of progressive brands. Progressive brands have big ideas about making the world a better place. They bring something new and good into people's lives, earning a chance at lasting devotion in return. Amazon is skilled at connecting a brand with a broader audience without losing its soul, brands like Kashi, Nature Made Vitamins, MorningStar Farms, Yogi Tea, and P&Gs Naturella. The agency has been part of the Publicis Groupe since 2002, giving Amazon clients access to global resources and best- of-breed specialists.