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Many months ago, AMP was awarded the opportunity to create a series of videos - titled Inside Stories - explaining what goes into RX brand bars and butters. Each video would answer consumers’ questions about ingredients through colorful set pieces that informed while entertained. All was ready to go. Then COVID-19 changed everything.

As dates were pushed back and we began to think this shoot wouldn’t happen, we figured out ways that it just might. We outlined how to make sure everyone on set would be safe. Only essential people would be at the shoot, limiting AMP’s creative and account teams on set to one person apiece. A medic was on set to make sure everyone was cleaning their hands, masking their mouths and maintaining their distance.

After safety was addressed, we focused on quality. We wanted to make certain that all those involved in concepting would be able to interact as if they were at the shoot. Using a live streaming tool, we were able to have everyone from clients to creative be able to see a live feed from the camera shooting the videos the entire shoot day. While this may make it all seem like we were a well-oiled machine, the entire process was a learning one. There were still the usual challenges and hiccups, but it was thanks to trying circumstances that we were able to try new things. No solution seemed implausible.

The Inside Stories campaign will change the way we look at shoots and content creation forever. As odd as it sounds, it seems that being kept apart has helped us find a better way to bring things together. It should be noted that this work is in the process of going live as we speak, but we felt it demonstrated how we’d be ready to jump into things and find solutions for our clients.