Client Start Year End Year
Denon 2014 Current
McIntosh 2014 Current
Southwire 2014 Current
Golf Genie 2014 Current
BCSR Malaysia 2014 Current
Restat 2014 Current
Boston Acoustics 2014 Current
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 2014 Current
7 Mile Advisors 2014 Current
Denon (Mobile Website) 2014 Current

Aumcore is a globally integrated multidisciplinary marketing agency based in NY with an efficient team of Strategic Thinkers, Client-Centric Managers, Creators of Content and Innovative Technologists. We speak "digital natively" offering complete 360° marketing solutions with a high level of experience in multiple industries (for B2B and DTC business models) including Healthcare, Consumer Products, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, Start Ups, and many others.

Our staff speaks over 10 languages, and we are supported by our partners from our offices in Atlanta, Canada, UK, Malaysia and India – leveraging best practices learned from across our diverse experience in industries around the globe. Let us engage with you with measureable results in Brand Strategy, Creative Services, e-Commerce, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Blogger Engagement, Product Launch, and Campaigns.

Derived from the core of our unique approach using "AumThink" where collaborative ideation begins, Aum (or Om) is a universal symbol of ultimate consciousness. For us it is not just a meditative sound or a symbol. It drives our passion.