Barc is an independent, full-service agency headquartered in San Francisco, with offices and partners in Los Angeles and Irvine, Ca.

For more than 20 years weve been partnering with clients to solve marketing challenges and redefine the possible. During this time the game has changed.

We believe reaching todays ever-evolving consumer requires an unconventional and integrated approach. Barc has earned a winning reputation for creating highly effective, innovative campaigns that begin with a smart and strategic idea.

Our philosophy: Idea is hero

Armed with that philosophy, we can better impact the path to brand understanding, purchase and loyalty. The solutions can take shape via digital, advertising, in-store or all three depending on the need. The result? From sales and share, to fans and likes, we deliver.

But it all starts with that idea, and that idea is why you come to Barc. Get your brand to grow, get your brand to Barc.