March of Dimes: Lullacry Case Study

Case Study

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One in ten babies in the U.S. are born with complications each year. March of Dimes is working every day to change that statistic. This year, we set out to raise awareness of their efforts with every new mother.
We tapped into a universal moment. As a new parent, cries can be painful. But to the March of Dimes, cries are a beautiful first sign of life. To honor that moment, we turned cries into the very sound that stops them - the lullabye. Introducing the Lullacry, the first lullaby created from actual cries.
Instead of donating money, mothers “donated a cry” online. We mixed these cries into the classic Brahms’ Lullaby for an online awareness campaign, including a two-hour YouTube mix designed for the duration of naptime. The Lullacry gained awareness for an 80-year old organization and changed the way millions hear a cry.