Bulleit Frontier Works 'Neon Anthem'



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We helped Bulleit Frontier Whiskey bring the classic craft of neon back to LA with its latest campaign. Committed to discovering new frontiers and revitalizing old ones, Bulleit debuted a 30-foot neon installation at Grand Central Market kicking off the fully integrated campaign.

The installation was created by legendary neon artist and “The Neon Queen” Lisa Schulte with illustrations by artist Brendan Donnelly. The art features symbolic references to LA’s culture.

Bulleit partnered with bartenders around LA to create neon inspired cocktails based on six of the icons featured on the board and will be available at bars throughout the city. We also created recipe videos so Bulleit fans can make and enjoy at home.

Next, we partnered with renowned writers to create stories centered around those same icons. Pultizer-nominated Lydia Millet wrote “Mermaid, Cowboy” inspired by the mermaid depicted in the rocks glass. L.A. stalwart Jim Krusoe wrote “Surfer’s Blood,” based off a shark eating a taco. Other writers included Patty Yumi Cottrell, Mike Sacks, and more.

Today, the neon billboard is listed as a Tourist Destination by Google Maps and millions of photos of the activations have been shared by millions.