Sure Is Not Enough. Be Sure Sure.

Brinks Home Security


  • Advertising
  • Design
  • CRM
  • Research
  • Market Research
  • Customer experience
  • rebrand
  • security
  • integrated campaign

Is it possible to sell security in an age of mistrust? We dug deep into the home security space, an ironically deeply mistrusted category given customers expect these brands to protect their most precious belongings.

We discovered Brinks Home Security needed to rebuild trust with customers and not by simply saying it in an advertising campaign. With general mistrust between brands and customers in today’s world, we needed to change the behavior for the brand to ensure customers felt protected.

When visiting the brand’s headquarters, we saw firsthand the brand’s dedication to the highest caliber of protection. Their facilities had backup generators. The backup generators had back up generations. Those back ups had back ups. We saw first-hand customers could be more than sure when trusting Brinks Home Security with protecting their homes. This led us to create the ‘Be Sure Sure’ campaign.

The rebrand and new positioning for Brinks Home Security is more than a tagline. It is a new voice and behavior for the brand, to prove to customers day in and day out their commitment to protecting their customers homes. We worked on designing a new site and customer experience, along with developing a new eCRM strategy to more proactively and personally engage with the brand’s customers.

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