Case Study

2019 was the year that the idea of female power and equality became an unstoppable cultural force, and our partnership with Secret enabled us to play a significant part in that story.

It started with a positioning ‘all strength no sweat’ and a team that embodies these values, exemplifying women who raise each other up—a show of real strength.

That strength was the nexus of “Cheer for each other” featuring Alex Morgan, the first spot we created for Secret. While this spot was running, news broke of the US Women’s Soccer Team lawsuit against the USO.

We helped Secret tap back against this injustice by launching a second film and working with our PR partners, Devries, to create a full-page NYTimes ad coupled with a $23,000 per player donation from Secret to the women of the USWNT to help close the pay gap. The ad went viral, resulting in a 10% lift in sales.

To round it all out, on Mother’s Day, we launched a film featuring Abby Wambach inspiring moms to empower the next generation of women with messages of strength.

The campaign further entrenched Secret in the cultural zeitgeist of the women's empowerment movement. And solidly positioned Secret as a brand that was so much more than deodorant.