CREATIVITY: BFG was built from the ground up, and we’re dedicated to building brands, through comprehensive integrated campaigns that take consumers from the Web to the shelf and everywhere in between. We grasp the big picture, and put heart and soul into the details to make it a masterpiece. We have the horsepower, agility, and exponential reach to develop and activate campaigns wherever the action is happening and a story needs to be told. This is a huge BFG differentiator.

INDEPENDENCE: Because BFG is an independent agency, it allows us great flexibility to react to the market with greater speed and efficiency than our conglomerated and holding company-owned competitors. No process or form is going to get in our way – an increasingly significant advantage in today’s fast, faster, fastest paced world.

CULTURE: At BFG, we’re not into badges, stripes or reserved parking spaces. We leave egos at the door. We have a staff that bleeds the brands they work on and believes in the mission to which they’re dedicated.

LOCATIONS: New York City, Atlanta, Hilton Head Island, with field marketing offices across the US.

  • Kevin  Meany

    Kevin Meany


  • Neil Arlett

    Neil Arlett

    Managing Director, Business Development

  • Lisa  Ringelstetter

    Lisa Ringelstetter

    Vice President, Client Services

  • Scott Seymour

    Scott Seymour

    Chief Creative Officer, VP

  • Richard Leslie

    Richard Leslie

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Jason Vogt

    Jason Vogt

    VP Chief Operating Officer

  • Holli Easton

    Holli Easton

    Group Account Director / Atlanta