Trustimonials: Real Reviews Read by Real Employees

Trustimonials: Real Reviews Read by Real Employees


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Trust and transparency. That’s what you get when you have your vehicle serviced by Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Their brand positioning and actionable results have always been rooted in customers being able to have faith in the technicians; seeing and hearing those working on their vehicle.

Today’s consumers are forming new habits and recalibrating how they interact with brands and services; meaning less reliance on cars and less wear. This sparked Valvoline to tap Alabama’s Big Communications to create a brand awareness campaign that would resonate with current customers, and usher in new consumers to the benefits of preventative maintenance.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is the trusted partner in the oil change business, with service you can see and experts you can trust. To convey the concept of trust and vulnerability, Big showcased the very real, and unfiltered thoughts of consumers, as read by real Valvoline employees.

Big created a multichannel campaign putting real customer reviews and real employees front and center, with ‘Trustimonials’. Each component of the campaign, featuring OTT and digital video, social media, radio, and display, mirrored nearly all of the exact language from authentic online customer reviews. Instead of hiring actors, Big featured real Valvoline employees, who read each review to camera along with their own real, personal quips and responses. All filming was done onsite at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change center.

The Valvoline Instant Oil Change team, all across the country, is made up of dedicated, and knowledgeable employees who go the extra mile to ensure each oil change they perform is done correctly. Each customer they are helping, comes away from the experience feeling safe and confident. By putting the spotlight on Valvoline’s employees and using real customer reviews, Big was able to reduce the feeling of vulnerability and amplify the reasons customers can trust Valvoline Instant Oil Change.