Client Start Year End Year
HBO 2017 Current
Aruba Tourism Authority 2020 Current
Credible 2021 Current
Spotify 2020 Current
Netflix 2019 Current
Jagermeister 2019 Current
Snapchat 2017 Current
The RTA Store 2016 Current
Frito-Lay 2015 2020
Google 2017 Current

Big Village is a global advertising, data, and technology company.

The days of siloed thinking and parallel work streams are over.

Complex, multi-faceted advertising challenges require multi-discipline collaboration from the onset. While others remain stuck in the trenches of their own experience, we’re built to challenge our own thinking by bringing the full range of services, insights, creative, media and adtech under one roof. Divergent perspectives are interwoven throughout our process to unlock unexpected opportunities. We’re not peddling narrow solutions to small problems. We’re here to solve the big ones.

And for that, it takes a Big Village.

  • Matt Steinwald

    Matt Steinwald

    SVP, Executive Creative Director

  • Lindsey Allison

    Lindsey Allison

    SVP, Strategic Planning

  • Kyle Krueger

    Kyle Krueger

    SVP, Media

  • Kathy Sheehan

    Kathy Sheehan

    SVP, Cassandra

  • Steve Scutellaro

    Steve Scutellaro

    SVP, Managing Director

  • Katie Martin

    Katie Martin

    SVP, Managing Director