Bigbuzz is an award winning integrated digital marketing agency based in NYC with services ranging from branding, digital strategy, advertising, social media, web development and mobile apps. We pride ourselves on being storytellers. How we tell that story is what makes us unique. Knowing the best way and place to reach your audience is changing daily. From traditional media to digital, we believe we can reach or engage anyone, anywhere. However, doing it well and staying on top of these trends requires dedication, perhaps that’s why our corporate philosophy boils down to two simple words, what’s next.

  • Kevin  Kelly

    Kevin Kelly

    Co-President & CCO

  • Liz Woodward

    Liz Woodward

    Head of Account Services

  • Doug Graham

    Doug Graham

    Co-President & CCO

  • Bob  Costabile

    Bob Costabile

    Creative Director

  • Negeen  Ghaisar

    Negeen Ghaisar

    Head of Digital Strategy


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