BHC x P&G | Each & Every Provenance Shoot

Proctor and Gamble

Case Study

The Project
P&G Brand Each & Every wanted to tell the provenance story of the organic deodorant brand's citrus ingredients. The ingredients are sourced and processed in Sicily and the Reggio Calabria regions of Southern Italy.

The Challenge
A window was set to film 7 locations over a 4 day period in the month of February. The main challenge was to have a production setup that was the right balance between production value and efficiency. There was also a desire to collect as much footage and photography as possible to service ads for the next several months.

The Solution
Black Helicopter Creative built a production package that included 2 cameras, multiple lenses, a gimble, a small motion control rig and a drone, all of which fit in a single production sized backpack.

Day 1. Due to weather concerns we were asked to film on the morning we arrived. We drove across the mainland to Casignana in Calabria for our first shoot which consisted mainly of drone footage as this was one of the largest sites.

Day 2. We traveled to Sicily via ferry. Our first stop was to film with a farmer named Costantino in Messina. For this we used the Fujifilm Xt3 on a gimbal and the Mavic Pro drone. We continued west after that and filmed in a citrus processing plant also in Messina.

Day 3. Continuing in Reggio we began the day filming in the “Consorzio”, a place where the historical origins of bergamot are said to be traced, which is a production site that is exclusively dedicated to processing Italian citruses. From there we filmed at the headquarters of Capua 1880 where molecular separation technologies are used in creating the essential oils for various products.

Day 4. Our last day found us on the Southernmost tip of Italy. Our first stop was in the hills of Condofuri filming in Bergamot groves from there we moved west to get scenic shots high in the hills near Bora Marina.