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“It’s a Beeracle” is our campaign for Labatt Blue Citra which recognizes that consumers are looking for a beer with a great flavor that is also easily drinkable, day and night. With “It’s a Beeracle,” the brand unveils a new character to demonstrate that Blue Citra has the best of both worlds -- hoppy and refreshing.

Launching across Hulu, Instagram and Pandora, the campaign introduces beer drinkers to “Citra Man,” a Blue Citra zealot, one who enthusiastically promotes the attributes of the beer. Along with his hype team, Citra Man spreads the good word that this is the beer we’ve all been waiting for — a true beeracle. Throughout the series of short and long form video content, Citra Man seeks to convince the masses that Blue Citra is the beeracle the world never knew it needed but can no longer live without extolling the beers virtues in song, interpretative dance and even his own hotline. 1-866-A-BEERACLE becomes an interactive way to record consumers’ beeracles in their own words.