Snoozzapalooza | Simmons


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In the face of continued pressure from digitally native, direct-to-consumer mattress brands, Serta Simmons Bedding is continuing to readjust to shifting consumer preferences by increasing direct-to-consumer options and targeting younger audiences.

This year, the conglomerate worked with agency Burns Group to completely reinvent the oldest of its brands, Simmons. It created a new brand identity, called “Just For Fun-ZZZ,” and DTC website. It also revamped pricing and product design and developed a new ecommerce storefront, additional social content and digital advertising. This week, it launched a new campaign on TikTok to reach Gen Z consumers—those who are, or soon will be, living on their own for the first time and in need of basic furniture like mattresses.

Simmons partnered with five creators who developed videos for TikTok using an original track made for the campaign, Snoozzzapalooza. The campaign addresses the strange summer that young people are facing, with concerts and music festivals canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As one creator put it, there’s still one place you can experience music festivals this summer: in your dreams.