The most characteristic feature of Canadian Health&Care Mall is that it offers highly competitive prices for drugs and parapharmaceutical products of excellent quality. This, if we refer to the rates offered by other pharmacies. The most important thing to know about this site is the efficiency of its sales procedure, its simplicity and its security. It is therefore an address to recommend for excellent value for money.

Note that it sells only reliable and effective products. Until today, no customer has ever complained about the inefficiency of its services or the reliability of its products. This reflects his professionalism in this area.

However, in the event of an error in the order or product defect, you will benefit from an after-sales service. To receive a refund, it is important to have a record that your medications or products have been purchased on the site or from a partner pharmacy. Other than that, you have two weeks after the date of your purchase to contact your supplier. You can send him an email mentioning your details. It should be noted that the pharmacy partner is not responsible for the misuse of the products provided. His only commitment is to offer you the details and the useful elements on the marketed products.

After placing the order with our pharmacy, you will be notified when your products or medications will be delivered to you.

Among the products on sale on the platform, there are drugs for erectile dysfunction and other disturbances of men’s health, antibiotics, women’s health, contraceptives, stomach and heart health pills, and many others. Basically speaking, this reputable healthcare service has drugs in every category suited for the entire family.

The payment of the partner pharmacy takes place via checks or by credit card. It is done in cash on the electronic payment terminal of online sales site to be transferred to the account of the pharmacy partner. Only American Express, Mastercard and Visa are accepted for the method of payment. It is useful to know that payments for an order are processed on the website of the partner pharmacy. They are absolutely secured by the partner bank. You do not need to worry because the details of your credit card leave no trace. In general, the expiration date, login credentials, or the number of the card being disclosed. Every step you take on the company’s site is backed up and secured by SSL encryption.