Canadian Legacy Pharmacy: Top Brands and Generics with Discounts

Legacy Pharmacy is a well-known company on the international pharmaceutical market and all the products it distributes are effective, reliable and safe. The high quality of this online drug store’s products is proven by international certificates, as well as known for exact compliance with standards for medical product sale.

All ED medicines and generics presented on the website are produced by major Canadian, American, European and Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing companies according to the standards of WHO and FDA. The preparation of generics is completely (100%) identical in composition and formulation to the original branded meds and differ only in trade names. For instance, Viagra has at least 20 generic versions (such as Viprogra 100 mg, Viprofil 20 mg, V-Tada Super 20 mg, Viprogra 100mg, Malegra 100mg, Sildigra 100mg, Eregra 100mg and many others). These generics have the highest efficacy in treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well as in heart diseases to improve blood circulation in the body, blood flow to sexual organ.

Cialis also has many similar generics with the same active substance in its composition, tadalafil with dosages of 5–10–20 mg. There are many generic names of Cialis generics: V-Tada Super, Tadalafil tablets, Tadagra, Tadarise, Tadacip, TadaJoy, etc.

Levitra brand (composition: Vardenafil with dosages of 10–20 mg) and its generics in Canadian Pharmacy has the following list of analogues: VIProfil 20, Vardenafil tablets 20 mg, Joyvitra 20 mg, Jewitra, Levaril, Auvitra, Snovitra 20 mg , Savitra and others. High effectiveness of generic Cialis and Levitra in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases is tested and proven. Levitra generics are perfect for erectile dysfunction with the presence of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as they have practically no side-effects.

Not a single drug for potency, whether it is the original drug or its generic (analogue), can cure once and for all definitively from sexual impotency or erectile dysfunction. They help to solve the problem successfully at the same time, and are also used for prophylaxis after operations, with other significant health problems, in particular, with blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction is a secondary phenomenon, not the root cause. These preparations for potency are effective for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.