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Lenovo, Worldwide SMB

Do the Unthinkable

Go live date: March 2022 and ongoing. Two new spots to debut later.

Brand Statement
Lenovo is the number one business PC and tablet OEM in the world, creating smarter technology for all.

Campaign Background and Objectives
Lenovo was seeking an agency partner to help them raise the profile and awareness of ThinkBook, while increasing preference for ThinkBook, and promoting and positioning the ThinkBook device family as a premium, SMB device, especially amongst YZ employees, ITDMs, and and SMB decision makers. Lenovo needed a global, two year campaign and platform to position ThinkBook for their Target Audience and to bring the refreshed device models to market.

When exploring the foundational elements shared between the brand (ThinkBook) and the Target Audience, we found a shared value of innovation. ThinkBook was founded on innovation, and innovation is a core value of the campaign’s target audience. Another shared, core value? Purpose. ThinkBook was purpose built for professional YZs—it’s why the brand tagline is, “Built for Business. Desgined for You.” And our target audience (YZs working at/owning a SMB) is driven by purpose, often working for or starting a company that aligns with their purpose-filled beliefs.

With these two key values in mind, Cargo explored a creative way to tie these values together with an inspirational and aspirational message, a call to action, a call to Do the Unthinkable. Because, when unthinkable passion meets unthinkable innovation, you can achieve unthinkable results.

The campaign will be promoted through a global social and digital media, with multiple phases of content creation and refresh, including the development of an original, owned-web show.

Target Audience for the Campaign
Owners/Employers, Decision Makers, and Employees within SMBs, with a focus on YZs within SMBs.

Challenges the Campaign Aims to Resolve
ThinkBook is a three year old device, initially launched in North America as a target device for Millennials, and positioned as a device less premium than ThinkPad. Now, with ThinkBook quickly gaining steam, we needed to position ThinkBook to a wider global audience, while raising awareness and driving preference for this device family amongst our TA, while shifting the perception of the device as a premium SMB device.

N/A. This campaign has just gone live and will run for two years. We have, however, run the foundational campaign ads through System1 Testing (previously covered by Ad Age here) and they have achieved 5.0 and above ratings from around the world, showcasing very promising results.

Lead Agency: Cargo
Production Partner: Cultivator Content Labs