Red Gold Tomatoes

Red Gold Tomatoes

Red Gold Tomatoes

Case Study

Red Gold Tomatoes

In 2016, CCF was tasked with helping Red Gold address new the market demands of Conscious Consumers by establishing trust and transparency regarding their stance on:
• Local sourcing
• Product/ingredient safety
• Traceability
• Shared values

Our main target market included Millennial Moms, the torchbearers of Conscious Consumer values – fresh, natural and authentic food at affordable prices. Our research led to a revamped messaging platform about the tomato itself as a better choice for your family. Focusing on the fruit and the care the farmers put into the crop made for great storytelling against a key insight, resulting in impressive numbers.

Timing and Budget:
Campaign created and aired in 2016, with a media budget of $5M

Red Gold canned tomatoes was facing significant competition from industry giants Hunts (ConAgra) and Del Monte.

The close and trusted relationship with Red Gold growers was where the magic was, but no one knew the Red Gold story.

Tell the story through the eyes of the growers. Creatively this came to life as “Grown by Family Farms we personally know.”

Broadcast TV, Radio, social, email, online banners, refreshed website, in-market events and public relations with local TV stations

Media strategy:
Competing against category giants Hunts and Del Monte, we had to make every dollar and every impression count. To gain efficiencies, CCF instituted a ‘Jump Ball’ mentality across three of 12 broadcast markets. Essentially, media and local market reps collaborated to determine innovative tactics beyond spots and dots. This idea resulted in a 95% increase in added-value negotiations in the form of live segments and drove higher sales in those markets. Digital video, display banners, paid search and strategic partnerships added to the success of the campaign.

Promotional strategy:
CCF developed a buy one give one promotional partnership with Feeding America. We front-loaded the campaign with the goal of leveraging trade partnerships, gaining incremental in-store display early in the canned tomato season and giving back to communites in need. The effort came to life in 3-4 minute on-air promotional segments, earned media with food bloggers, online dislay and in-store POS materials. The effort worked to gain trial and add the brand into consumers’ consideration set early in the season.

Campaign Results:
• Unaided awareness rose 60%
• Aided awareness hit 87% of category consumers
• Claimed purchase rose to 60%
• 8% sales gain