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Red Gold Tomatoes


  • TV/Video

Our challenge was to discover an insight that was both meaningful and motivating to consumers. We began with a quest to discover what “brand love” really means to consumers. Our emotional Connector between Red Gold and its consumers became “Grown by Family Farms we personally know” and our tagline “Grown By Families. Enjoyed By Families."

Creatively we decided to tell the story through the eyes of the growers. So we took a small crew and went on the farms and into the fields and began to build the story of Red Gold and their growers – through the eyes of the farm families themselves; The Middleworths, Rices, Paarlbergs, Howells and more. The voiceover for each TV spot was done by one of the owners of Red Gold, Selita Reichart, to bring the family connection back to the company itself.

The multimedia effort leveraged TV, online banners, video and programmatic buys as well as a comprehensive blogger outreach program.