Client Start Year End Year
Domino's 2007 Current 2013 Current
INFINITI 2014 Current
Fruit of the Loom 2012 Current
American Airlines 2015 Current
American Heart Association 2017 Current
SOREL 2017 Current
Noodles & Co. 2019 Current
Manitoba Harvest 2019 Current
Truth 2019 Current

CPB is a full-service, fully integrated advertising agency. We have a workforce of late-working, on-timing, hard-charging, convention-challenging marketing mutts, misfits and culture jammers. We have bottomless pits of elbow grease at each of our three offices around the globe – Boulder, London and São Paulo. We aim to be the most thoughtful creative company in our business. Thoughtful about your business challenges and perspectives, consumers and their relationship to your brand, our people and yours, and of course, our work and its impact on your business, our respective industries and our environment.

  • Adam Chasnow

    Adam Chasnow

    Executive Creative Director

  • Adam  Skaleki

    Adam Skaleki

    Co-Head of Design

  • Chris  Shewmake

    Chris Shewmake

    Co-Director of Communications Strategy

  • Chuck Porter

    Chuck Porter


  • Courtney Loveman

    Courtney Loveman

    Co-Head of Strategy, CP+B Boulder

  • Dan Corken

    Dan Corken

    Head of Production

  • Danielle Aldrich

    Danielle Aldrich


  • David Balsamello

    David Balsamello

    Co-Head of Design

  • Dusty Nelson

    Dusty Nelson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Erik Sollenberg

    Erik Sollenberg

    Global Chief Executive Officer

  • Jen Bollman

    Jen Bollman

    Co-Director of Communication Strategy

  • Jen Hruska

    Jen Hruska

    Co-Head of Strategy, CP+B Boulder

  • Joe Corr

    Joe Corr

    Executive Creative Technology Director

  • Ryan Skubic

    Ryan Skubic

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Tom Adams

    Tom Adams

    Executive Creative Director