European Wax Center Content Ecosystem

European Wax Center Content Ecosystem

European Wax Center

Case Study

With unrelatable content, EWC wasn’t connecting with a wide enough audience, which was a problem given their ambition to expand beyond the United States. They needed a new direction, new content, a new messaging strategy, and a better way to connect with a growing, global audience. Our first step was to work closely with our clients to create a massive content bank that could feed into both our Spring and Summer campaigns. Our clients, our in-house content studio, and our account team collaborated in lock step throughout the process, guided by an extensive research program that informed our messaging strategy, our aesthetic, and our execution.

The channels we incorporated throughout the funnel drew from national print, OOH, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, Video, Audio, partnerships, banners (in-market, retargeting, location), paid social (IG, FB, conquesting), organic social, regional media (print, digital, audio), emails, owned digital, in-center, guest communications.