European Wax Center Hotline Ping

European Wax Center


With their physical locations closed due to COVID, European Wax Center had a brand and business problem, to put it mildly. They needed to find new ways to be relevant in their customers’ lives. And, of course, their customers found themselves in a tough spot, too. Uncertainty abounded. “Is it safe to wax myself at home? Should I risk the progress of my years-long waxing routine and shave instead?” As trusted wax experts that customers count on, EWC had an urgent opportunity to step in and help.Our solution was Hotline Ping—a name that referred to both the “emergency service” we were creating and the digital channels where it would live. In terms of tone, we wanted to create a breath of fresh air and positivity in a stressful time. “You deserve the best, by the best” was our tagline.