GoodCell Life.Changing.Science.

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Imagine a business that takes samples of your blood and analyzes it to produce a genetic blueprint of your health for today and tomorrow—your risks, patterns, probabilities, possibilities. And as you grow older, and as science develops, this business can help you continually adapt, live better, and maybe live longer. You need a PhD in biochemistry to grasp the science behind it. But those PhD’s needed our help wrapping their futuristic health offering within a consumer brand that can speak to anyone.

At first, GoodCell wanted us to redesign their website. As we dove into their business, industry, and consumer research, we realized that before designing a site, we needed to help GoodCell find themselves—who they are, not just what they are. We didn’t want them to disappear into a sea of “healthy aging” tropes (e.g., images of happy grandparents playing in the yard). Nor did we want them to be confused with at-home genetics tests like “23 and Me.” Our clients agreed, and we got to work on a new brand—from scratch.