ASUS | Republic of Gamers PC Hardware (Milliseconds Matter)


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Preparing for battle is half the battle

In gaming, fortunes shift in the blink of an eye. All of your talent and skill can be wiped out in seconds.

Or more accurately, in mere fractions of one.

That’s why ASUS ROG came to us to educate gamers on the issue of system latency and how it can affect their gameplay. System latency is measured in milliseconds and even the slightest delay means you’ve got serious problems. A low latency can bring you riches and unlimited lives, while a high latency is a one-way ticket to mediocrity.

Over the past year, Damage has been working together with ASUS Republic of Gamers to craft their GTM strategy for their ecosystem of products and execution for ASUS ROG’s product launch with NVIDIA’s (RLA) Reflex Latency Analyzer. RLA measures your system latency and gives you the opportunity to optimize it before you enter the battle. So you can save more of those valuable milliseconds that linger between when you click your mouse and when you see the results.

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