TikTok | LIVE Events Features Launch



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On the platform for self-expression, we helped TikTok learn to speak.

In 2021, Damage was engaged by TikTok on an RFP to develop a creative framework for promoting the brand’s in-app LIVE features, as well as any upcoming feature launches beyond that. In short, we needed to create a visual language so that they could more easily communicate to everyone. 

We hit the ground running on an accelerated timeline. After quickly composing a style and structure that worked in harmony with the brands style and voice, we went to work on crafting the launch of the LIVE events. Moving faster than the TikTok AI, we partnered with T-Pain and 40 other LIVE creators to produce UGC content across three features and five content categories. Within a matter of weeks, we had translated that expression into a dozen or more assets across as many platforms as we needed.

To make the larger content framework template structure as simple as possible, the team designed an automated planning tool  that integrated customer segment data and gave internal partners a menu to build 90 Day GTM plans that could be customized by various strategic objectives, customer segments, and scoped marketing channels.

A week later, the work was LIVE.

The promo video alone delivered over 6 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes in the first week of deployment, setting new benchmarks for the brands feature launches. In short time we’ll have other feature launches singing the same song, in perfect harmony, without missing a beat.

To see the entire campaign and content, visit: https://www.damage-esports.com/projects/tiktok/tiktok-live