LG - Global Digital Brand Campaign - Fit For All


  • technology
  • mobile
  • Digital marketing
  • smartphone
  • Campaign Launch

LG was struggling to hold a place in the category, as they were competing for consumer attention against Apple and Samsung’s next generation technology, big-budget advertising campaigns and ready global audience. They needed to launch their new smartphone with a marketing campaign that would drive brand awareness and increase revenue. Our challenge was to create an aggregated campaign that positioned them as a force to be reckoned with in the the Apple/Samsung-dominated smartphone industry.

Through our research, we identified that the smartphone market was boiling over with platitudes, celebrities and advertising hype. Our strategy was to cut through that clutter with a straightforward message, and a bit of long-lost iconography.

We developed a breakthrough digital marketing campaign that showcased the capabilities of LG’s new smartphone and connected messaging across all platforms. To appeal to a true global audience, we created visual content that was purposefully-shot, wire-framed and even translated into demos that conveyed a clear message in any country, culture, or language.

Our work received worldwide recognition and generated 13% increase in YOY sales in North America alone, positioning LG as a big player in the global smartphone market.