UBS - Digital Financial Education Platform & Program Launch- Make Your Money Move


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  • Product Launch
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  • Visual Branding

UBS, a multinational financial services company was struggling to reach a large segment of their audience that was being largely overlooked— women.
Even though 80% of women were managing their own finances, more than half were abdicating from any long-term financial decisions.

In order to provide our audience a means to actively participate in their finances, we created “My Money Move”, a women’s financial participation program. The program's messaging focused on meaningful, engaging and actionable “moves” in the financial journey for women— from challenging conversations around money with their loved ones to connecting with a financial advisor.

We launched the program with a website that housed a wide variety of content to help women participate and/or get in touch with their financial advisors.

62% increase in site visits within the first 2 weeks of launch
Sustained +26% increase in site visits throughout the campaign
64% of site visits driven by social content — unprecedented for the category