Client Start Year End Year
AAA Insurance 2019 Current
Wells Enterprises (Bomb Pop & Halo Top) 2019 Current
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. 2020 Current
American Express 2019 Current
Bread & Butter Wine 2020 Current
Energizer Automotive Brands (Armor All, Nu Finish & STP) 2020 Current
Team USA - United States Olympic and Paralympic Properties 2020 Current
PepsiCo 2018 Current
UBS 2019 Current
Costco Wholesale 2018 Current

Deloitte Digital's Heat is a full-service creative agency, embedded inside one of the world’s most powerful consulting firms, Deloitte. From the day we opened our doors in 2004, we've been telling stories people care about, in big ways and small places like no other agency can. 

Since we joined forces with Deloitte in 2016, we've been able to leverage data, insights, predictive analytics, and a vast understanding of the marketplace to ensure our stories are told in a more unique, meaningful way.

  • John Elder

    John Elder

    Co-Founder & CEO, Heat

  • Michael Barrett

    Michael Barrett


  • Leyland Streiff

    Leyland Streiff

    General Manager

  • Maggie Gross

    Maggie Gross

    Head of Strategy

  • Nelson Kunkel

    Nelson Kunkel

    Head of Creative & UX

  • Elaine Cox

    Elaine Cox

    Executive Creative Director

  • Jocelyn Lee

    Jocelyn Lee

    Head of Performance Marketing

  • Tracey Smith

    Tracey Smith

    Head of Design