Subway— Eat Fresh Refresh Case Study


Case Study

Subway is what we’d call a modern challenger brand. Over the years, they had lost relevancy with their consumers and had a decade-long, consistent decline in sales. Subway had lost their way, making the place that defined fresh go stale. We found that “Eat Fresh” was a successful, nostalgic brand platform for Subway. So in 2021, we decided to go back to what works, but with a twist…we had to refresh to be fresh. By highlighting all the new menu items that tied into their health halo and tying athletes to the brand, the refresh was a huge success. Working closely with our media partners to develop the Eat Fresh Refresh, it launched in July with a surround sound media and creative strategy so consumers couldn’t miss the fact that there was So Much New. This included takeovers on social media influencer pages and three Anthem spots with icons interrupting other brands’ TV ads with our big news.