• Holiday Shopping Insights 2019

    Holiday Shopping Insights 2019

    In partnership with the Advantage Digital Technology group, Dawn Munno and Liz Fogerty of EDGE Marketing took a deep dive into 2019 holiday retail trends.

    EDGE Thought Leadership, 12/19/2019

  • Unleash the power in the pet aisle

    Unleash the power in the pet aisle

    More than ever, pet owners view their pets as irreplaceable members of their families and their spending to keep their fur babies happy shows no signs of slowing.

    EDGE Thought Leadership, 09/18/2019

  • Food at the Source

    Food at the Source

    Dog owners becoming more and more conscious of what their pets eat, pet food ingredients have become more nutritious and wholesome. This is especially reflected in a new trend: Farm to Pet Bowl.

    EDGE Thought Leadership, 10/15/2019

  • EDGE Marketing Feature-Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2019

    EDGE Marketing Feature-Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2019

    EDGE Marketing Feature-Who’s Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2019

    Path to Purchase, 08/26/2019

Client Start Year End Year
Bayer Corporation 2017 Current
Boston Beer Co. 2020 Current
Smithfield Foods, Inc. 2008 Current
Ferrero 2017 Current
Riviana Foods, Inc. 2018 Current
Proximo Spirits 2020 Current
McIlhenny Company 2020 Current
Jagermeister 2018 Current
E.J. Gallo Wineries 2019 Current
Jack Link's Beef Jerky 2018 2018

EDGE offers true end-to-end shopper journey solutions for clients. With data, insight and expertise we are able to deliver the right idea connecting with shoppers at the right time, place and impact to change behavior. Being completely customer connected means we can leverage our retail relationships for your brands like no one else. Backed by an enterprise of resources, we pride ourselves on being efficient, agile and innovative. We challenge ourselves every day to make sure we get the most for our clients.

  • Allison Welker

    Allison Welker

    EVP Managing Director

  • Liz Fogerty

    Liz Fogerty

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Marcella Oglesby

    Marcella Oglesby

    VP Group Creative Director

  • Steve DeLorez

    Steve DeLorez

    Group Creative Director

  • Michele Shiroma

    Michele Shiroma

    VP Business Leadership

  • Fran Brinkman

    Fran Brinkman

    VP Planning & Analytics

  • Morgan Otte

    Morgan Otte

    Associate Director, Media

  • Jordan Maus

    Jordan Maus

    Director, Digital Strategy