Client Start Year End Year
Philips 2011 Current
Bank of America 2011 Current
The Hartford 2011 Current
KFC 2012 Current
Merrill Lynch 2011 Current
Embassy Suites Hotels 2009 Current
The Dalmore 2012 Current
GoGo squeeZ 2012 Current
Angry Orchard 2012 Current
Glidden Paints/Akzo Nobel 2012 Current

We are a full-service PR agency with 130 staffers in Los Angeles, New York, London and Munich. We aim to set a new standard in PR and believe it's time to stop measuring words and outputs and start looking at actions and outcomes.

Emanate is committed to delivering Less Talk and More Action. A company has a marketing challenge. They throw everything at it and hope something sticks. Some call it integrated marketing. We call it blunt force marketing. We believe there is a better way.Were experts at finding the shortest path to success.

How? We get intimate with the target audienceand examine whats truly relevant in their lives. This leads us to insights that go beyond the obvious and lets us tell compelling stories to the right influencers and channels in order to tip the target to action. With this focus on relevance, we determine which levers to pull so we can do more of what works to drive action. Less talk, more action.