Extra Gum: Get Your Ding Back | Video Game



Introducing the next installment of Extra Gum’s “Get Your Ding Back” campaign: a video game to help people re-enter society! “Get Your Ding Back: The Game” is a web-based experience allowing players to simulate the scenarios they are likely to encounter as they return to the post-pandemic world. Scenarios range from putting on pants, to kissing your crush, to shaking a colleague’s hand. The game can be tricky but, with a little help from EXTRA Gum, players can regain their confidence to return to socializing out in the world. Users can select one of six characters to play as, and one of two romantic interests to pursue. As you play, the narrative guides you to 15 different mini games with 11 unique characters. The game starts out in your apartment, where you must relearn how to dress yourself and pack a bag. From there you’ll progress to your neighborhood, to the business district, and then finally to the waterfront for a romantic date with your love interest. As you play you’ll earn ding to “Get Your Ding Back,” building confidence for the real world after every challenge. The humorous game, which takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete, is also full of Easter eggs for players to uncover. Play it for yourself, on mobile or desktop, at getyourdingback.com.