Kerrygold: Middle of the Night | 60” TV



This year, more than ever, people are reimagining the way they celebrate moments. In Kerrygold’s new iteration of their “Made for the Moment” creative platform, the Irish dairy brand celebrates people coming together and enjoying small moments over a homecooked meal. The campaign is supported by this new film “Middle of the Night” and a digital/ social activation called “Kerrygold Recipe Routes.” The :60 film tells the story of how a family goes to great lengths to share their love and celebrate together. In it a family wakes up in the middle of the night to prepare what appears to be a big holiday meal, but is ultimately revealed that they are celebrating their son after a long shift on his first day. The powerful emotional story is rooted in the idea that life’s simpler moments are often the most special and that Kerrygold can enrich them in a memorable way.