We are an ENGINE. A growth acceleration machine. Growth today is driven by two things: 1) Meaningful brands that are resonant in culture and 2) smart performance marketing driven by data and digital. At ENGINE, we call these two practices Culture and Commerce. They are the foundation of the capabilities set that we have pioneered and developed over our 15-year history as an organization. These capabilities are fueled by world-class creative talent, unparalleled data, and media capabilities, proprietary marketing technology and strategic intelligence.

  • Katie Martin

    Katie Martin

    Head of Client Services

  • Lizzy Hanna

    Lizzy Hanna

    Head of Performance & Media

  • Lindsey Allison

    Lindsey Allison

    Head of Strategy

  • William Gelner

    William Gelner

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Zihla Salinas

    Zihla Salinas

    CEO, U.S.