Client Start Year End Year
HBO 2017 Current
Aruba Tourism Authority 2020 Current
Credible 2021 Current
Spotify 2020 Current
Netflix 2019 Current
Jagermeister 2019 Current
Snapchat 2017 Current
The RTA Store 2016 Current
Frito-Lay 2015 2020
Google 2017 Current

ENGINE is a full service creative and media agency with a different kind of approach.

Built a bit different. Born from the shortcomings of the traditional holding company model, we are built to solve problems it typically takes three agencies to solve. We’re wildly collaborative and don’t believe in swim lanes. We collide expertise in Millennial and Gen Z culture, digitally native creative, media planning and buying, and analytics because we believe unexpected levels of collaboration lead to solution with unexpected levels of thoughtfulness.

Think a bit different. We live by a core belief: marketers don’t build bands, people do. Literally overnight consumers can either lift a brand up or tear a brand down. Our strategic and creative approach is rooted in positioning brands to be lift up by people. To do it, we assemble teams driven by unparalleled levels of empathy, knowledge of digital behaviors and platforms, and behavior-driving creativity.

  • Katie Martin

    Katie Martin

    SVP, Managing Director

  • Steve Scutellaro

    Steve Scutellaro

    SVP, Managing Director

  • Kathy Sheehan

    Kathy Sheehan

    SVP, Cassandra

  • Kyle Krueger

    Kyle Krueger

    SVP, Media

  • Lindsey Allison

    Lindsey Allison

    SVP, Strategic Planning

  • Matt Steinwald

    Matt Steinwald

    SVP, Executive Creative Director