Chicago full-service marketing communication agencies Branding is storytelling. We call it StoryBranding which is the subject of recently published StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story,(Greenleaf 2012).

We approach branding the way an author would approach writing a story. And we do this to find insights that other branding approaches overlook. If you have (or are) a brand, you have more than a product that goes by a given name. You have a story to be told, a belief that should resonate with your audience.

Most branding approaches are about creating something that isn't there. StoryBranding, like storytelling, excavates your brand's core to find what is already there and to amplify it among your best prospects, and employees. Once we find your story, we draw on a full palette of communication resources, both traditional and non-traditional, to engage all of your audiences in ways that motivate them to buy and to become evangelists for your brand.