Client Start Year End Year
ConAgra 2015 2015
Yahoo! 2015 2015
Two Trees 2016 Current
Marriott: AC Hotels and Renaissance 2015 Current
The International Rescue Committee 2015 Current
Pete & Gerry's Organics 2016 Current
SoundCloud 2015 2015
Seabourn cruise line 2015 Current
Virgin Atlantic Airways 2014 Current
Sprint 2013 Current

Figliulo&Partners creates brand stories for the Information Age. We believe brands are cultural decision-making tools.
In today’s world, people are overloaded with information, which impedes decision-making. Our agency mission is to inform and empower the Undecided consumer, and we do that by using all forms of data, information and intelligence to tell surprising brand stories to sway their decision.

  • Judith Carr-Rodriguez

    Judith Carr-Rodriguez

    Partner and President

  • Mark Figliulo

    Mark Figliulo

    Founder and CEO

  • Richard Tan

    Richard Tan

    Partner and CFO/COO

  • Caroline Krediet

    Caroline Krediet

    Partner and Head of Strategy

  • Robert Valdes

    Robert Valdes

    Partner and Head of Production