French's Ice Cream Mustard


Case Study

For French’s, our task had always been to reinvigorate a classic American brand, in a flattening/commoditizing category, starting from a consumer who needed condiments to deliver satisfaction and variety for a relatively narrow range of meals at home. For 115 years, Americans have turned to French’s to add flavor to their sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. In 2019, we added it to an American classic we’ve never touched before: ice cream. To break out of crowded summer media moments, we looked to National Mustard Day.

We partner with Coolhaus Ice Cream to create a uniquely American treat and brought it to life through a rich PR push, owned social channels, influencers, and event activation. The media push landed French’s Mustard Ice Cream on The TODAY Show (a live tasting), Good Morning America (a live tasting), and a second page feature in People Magazine’s print edition, among other outlets that resulted in 1.2B unpaid media impressions.

Best of all, we saw sales of our classic Yellow mustard increase nearly 7% in the weeks that followed, while the category grew less than 2%.