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At Flynn Law Firm, our experienced lawyers offer clients down-to-earth, honest legal representation. Our large staff of legal assistants is ready at any time to answer any of your questions, and a workplace injury lawyer is always available to help.

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Founded in 2000, the attorneys at Flynn Law Firm had previously worked in larger law firms and felt that at those sorts of places, there wasn’t enough of a sincere concern for the client's needs. So we decided to focus on ways to really help people in our main practice areas as Tulsa workers compensation attorneys, and personal injury lawyer.

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If you need representation in Oklahoma for on the job injuries, an attorney at Flynn Law Firm can help you get the workers compensation in Tulsa, Oklahoma that you need and deserve. We like to think of our clients as our friends, and so we will always treat you like one, honestly, and fairly. We do whatever we can to help, we don’t overcharge, and we are always available when you need questions answered.

For that reason, we see a lot of repeat business from our clients, and our clients often refer their friends to us. They know that we will go the extra mile to provide each one of our clients with the service they need to finish whatever legal work they need done and let them go on with their lives.

All our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, and we are available at any time for an appointment. Contact Flynn Law Firm today to set up a free initial appointment.