We are an international creative boutique network with offices in New York, Paris and Shanghai.

A challenger agency for challenger brands. We are agile, brave and independent.

The agency is 1000% creative driven, and multi-awarded.
We've won over more than 700 international awards, 230 digital distinctions. In 2016, we were named <2016 Independent Agency of the Year> By Clio Awards in New York.

Our culture is open-minded, worldly and inclusive.
Our team is diverse in terms of gender, nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. (25 nationalities, 20 languages spoken, most our senior staff worked across borders and across cultures)

We like finding new ways to communicate.
Creativity is not only about the idea but also the way you distribute it. We are totally media agnostic and our job is to find the right creative idea to solve a business problem.