Casa Cisco at Rio Olympics



Cisco has been invested in Brazil for two decades. But despite their long-term involvement, Cisco’s presence and commitment to the market wasn’t fully recognized by their audiences.

So, Cisco challenged GPJ to tell their rich, deep, and geographically diverse story in a concise, compelling and authentically Rio way at the official Cisco engagement in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

To achieve this goal, GPJ brought the themes of culture, connectivity, business, and community to life in a multi-faceted, invitation-only experience. Designed and built into a beautifully renovated beachfront military officers club and community center, known as “Circulo Militar,” the structure was transformed into “Casa Cisco” for the entire Olympic and Paralympic games.

And now, well after the Olympic Games have ended, the fully upgraded, permanent structure belongs to the local community for them to continue to enjoy, signifying Cisco’s lasting, long term commitment to Brazil.