Client Start Year End Year
Wounded Warrior Homes 2014 2014
Park City Resort 2015 Current
Pikes Peak 2014 Current
MasterControl 2013 Current
The Sweet Tooth Fairy 2014 Current
Moab Travel Council 2014 Current
Utah Treasurer's Office 2014 Current
Worker's Compensation Fund 2014 Current
O.C. Tanner 2014 2014
Overstock I.T. 2014 2014

GumCo is a whole-hog creative shop, passionate about uniting your brand with your audience in a meaningful way. Whether throwing haymakers or leaving hickeys, people remember when they're moved, so every insight-driven, brand-building campaign we make starts there. And ends some place we've never seen before.

In short, GumCo is one of Utah's top advertising agencies, with the 2014 ADDYs Best of Show award to prove it.

  • Steve Driggs

    Steve Driggs


  • Phil Smallwood

    Phil Smallwood

    Creative Director

  • Garrett Martin

    Garrett Martin

    Creative Director

  • Stephanie Barlow

    Stephanie Barlow

    Director of Client Services