Case Study

  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Culture Insights
  • Programmatic Media

Like most retailers, IKEA often would have annual launches of new products with very little “new news.” In a category that is cluttered with new product launch advertisements across all channels, we needed a market-shaking campaign to breakthrough the retail category and put IKEA at the center of its audience. Through our research, we uncovered a valuable insight about our audience - they were especially interested in fashion and film, but they kept a healthy air of skepticism for both. Our strategy was to weave IKEA into these often overwrought design categories in a way that resonated with our audience, and when Balenciaga released a $2,145 bag that looked nearly identical to the signature IKEA shopping bag, we took advantage of the opportunity to use the blue bag as the ultimate symbol of IKEA’s value. We developed a campaign that playfully explained how to tell the difference between a real and imitation IKEA bag, and even encouraged social media users to hack IKEA bags, turning the iconic design into their own innovative pieces.
1.2B unique media impressions 
3MM+ interactions 
$10.8MM in eearned media 
Most successful campaign in IKEA’s history