LuluLemon - Digital Retail Experience



  • Website Design
  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Ecommerce
  • Website Development
  • digital transformation
  • app design

We designed an agile/flexible website that allowed lululemon to expand
the appeal and storytelling of the brand, by personalizing the stories
they told to the individuals who came to the site. We worked with lululemon to identify shortterm opportunities to improve the digital experience and provide
guidance to leadership to reestablish the effectiveness of the digital organization. We worked with lululemon to rethink its brand as a retailer, bringing to life its unique position in the market to deliver a distinctive digital experience. Growth returned to lululemon within the first three months of our engagement. A series of rapid releases and helping to establish stability, structure and visibility to the digital organization and roadmap empowered management to change perception in the market which led to an immediate 15% increase in stock price post the subsequent earnings release. Ongoing work to enable digital marketing, upgrading the ecommerce platform, and personalize digital experiences to each guest will help lululemon sustain its ecommerce momentum.