Knorr #LoveAtFirstTaste

Case Study

Knorr brand has launched a global campaign to tap in to the millennial appetite for sharing recipes on social media and learning cooking tips from bloggers and vloggers.

Modeled on the intrigue and innate shareability of personality quizzes, IBM iX set out to create a tool that determined each user’s flavor personality. The result was the creation of an online Flavour Profiler which will sit on the Knorr Love at First Taste site to serve up tailored recipe recommendations. The bespoke tool provides consumers with a new and different way to learn more about themselves by discovering which of the 12 flavour profiles they are: Salty Adventurer; Roasted Romantic; Gracious Grazer; Tangy Dynamo; Meaty Warrior; Spicy Rebel; Sweet Seeker; Deep Sea Dreamer; Rustic Ranger; Earthy Idealist; Mustard Maverick or Melty Indulger.

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