Lead Nurturing/Customer Retention

Lead Nurturing/Customer Retention


CenturyLink, Inc. is often known as one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, serving customers in 37 states and in possession of over half of the world's physical Internet. They are also becoming one of the major players in managed security services (MSS) while offering threat intelligence, security log monitoring and more.

We were brought on my CenturyLink's MSS team to offer lead nurturing and customer retention, and started with both internal and customer surveys to uncover patterns of strengths and weaknesses. This insight helped us establish a set of buyer personas with which we are able to communicate through email, landing pages and marketing automation.

The content we create for CenturyLink ranges from in-depth white papers to entertaining infographics, all with the purpose of igniting a relationship with the CenturyLink brand.

Next, we were asked to develop internal training content for the sales team in the form of walkthroughs of each major service offering. These materials help the customer-facing salespeople to communicate confidently and competently on the breadth of CenturyLink security services.