Technology Branding/Web Application Development

Technology Branding/Web Application Development


Rolls-Royce has decades of experience supplying solutions to customers in aerospace, marine, energy and industrial power. By enabling operators to make informed decisions, we can help them to reduce costs, improve safety and increase operational performance and efficiency.

The Challenge

When choosing monitoring software for commercial aircraft, Rolls-Royce (or let alone its subsidiary OSyS) wasn't the first thing on people's minds. The brand had to reach customers and explain the sophistication of their software, support those currently using it, and do so aggressively.

The Solution

Upon completing the design of a corporate website that clearly positioned Rolls Royce as both established and forward-thinking, we began to discuss how pilots and land support were actually using the OSyS products. This led us to develop a secure online user community, where product improvements were suggested, bugs were reported, and announcements of new features were made.

The user community had to endure intense penetration testing to ensure security of highly sensitive client information. The end result for each was a strong brand focus with fluid navigation and delivery of content.